When I sign up, how often am I charged?

All of our WWE Slam Crate Subscriptions are a bi-monthly recurring subscription.

6 crates = 12 months
3 crates= 6 months
1 crate = 2 month

As the subscriptions are bi-monthly, please note that a 12-month subscription will be shipped 6 crates, a 6-month subscription will be shipped 3 crates, and a 1-month subscription will be shipped 1 crate.

For example, purchasing a recurring crate on October 1st will sign you up for our first WWE Slam Crate. Your crate will then ship out to be delivered at the end of October.

When your account renews, you will be re-billed on the 15th of the same month in which you are expected to receive the final crate in your current subscription period.

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